The Top Online Lessons For Beginning Guitarists

Whatever your reasons for playing guitar, whether it be electric, acoustic, or classical, choosing the right course is a fundamental part of your guitar playing life. Listed below are the top online guitar courses that can help you gain a fundamental understanding of your new instrument. The courses are not ebooks but step by step graded lessons to help you maximise your practice time and achieve the results you want quickly and effectively.

Jamorama Electric Guitar Course

The Jamorma Electric guitar course is ideal for beginning rock guitarists.
Jamorama Electric Guitar Takes you from the very basics of learning guitar to advanced rock lead techniques such as string bending, hammer ons, constructing solo's and chordal harmony. All explained through easy to understand videos, software and books.  Aimed at the complete beginner Jamorama will take you from humble beginnings to becomming a very proficient rock player

Unleash Your Electric Guitar Playing Potential HERE

Jamorama Acoustic Guitar Course

Jamorama Acoustic Guitar Course is the sister site of Jamorma Electric. If you are looking for beginner lessons for an acoustic style of playing, such as Ben Harper or Jack Johnson, then this is the guitar course for you. Featuring High quality videos and instruction, Jamorama acoustic will take you from learning the most basic chords and fingerpicking patterns, to being able to play some very complex pieces.

Learn Acoustic Guitar Like A PRO here

RiffMaster Pro

Riffmaster Pro is a useful program that allows you to slow down, loop, and change the pitch of any song that you want to learn. This allows you to hear exactly what the guitarist is doing, so you can copy and learn at you own pace. Riffmaster pro uses mp3, cd, wma and aff formats. Very useful if you are wanting an edge learning the guitar.

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